Best Battery Saver Apps You Can Use For Your Android Smartphones


With countless apps running in the background, it is hard to maintain our mobile battery not to drain pretty quickly. And it is even harder to find an app that can extend the daily lifespan of your phone’s battery. Most battery saver measures are manual, from turning down the frequency that apps sync data to turning the brightness on your screen down, and other methods. But do not put your smartphone down just yet; you can still enhance your Android smartphone’s day-to-day performance with these highly recommended battery-saver apps for Android.



Greenifty, one of the most popular battery-saving apps, identifies apps that frequently wake up your phone and prevents them from doing that so often. It comes with modern features for both Android Nougat and beyond with Doze modes and Aggressive Doze. Plus, it is useful for both root and non-root devices. However, you will get more power and functionality with root. All of these features are free.


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GSam Battery Monitor

Although it won’t do much to save your battery life on its own, it can still provide you with information about what apps drain your battery quickly. That information helps to improve your own battery life. It can also show details wake time, wakelocks, and even CPU and sensor data. And despite some difficulties with the latest versions of Android, there is a root companion that provides extra information if you have root.



Servicely, a root-only battery saver app, works by stopping apps that run in the background. It is a perfect battery saver for those who like having apps but do not want to sync all the time. You may experience a little delay with stuff like notification, so be careful when using this tool. However, it works pretty well with wakelock detectors and is highly configurable with enough options to make it work how you want.


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Wakelock Detector

As the name implies, Wakelock Detector, one of the best battery saver apps, helps detect wakelocks. This app can both detect partial and full wakelocks. Plus, you can get a list of all the apps that are causing it. From there, you will know which apps to uninstall, replace, or use another app like Servicely or Greenify to put an end to that nonsense. Wakelock Detector is highly recommended first to root users.

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